Here Is the Right Way to Apply Your Favorite Facial Cream

facial cream application

The results you get from using whichever skincare product largely depends on how you apply it. For your cream, it’s not just about getting a high-quality one but being able to use it as required. With a robust cream and correct application, you’ll enjoy the beauty you want.

The problem with many of us is getting a product, using it incorrectly then blaming it or the supplier for the poor results we sometimes get. So what’s the best way to apply your favorite cream? Here is it, and it’s made simple for you.

Three Great Tips To Follow

  • Apply Your Cream to a Freshly Cleaned Surface

Your skin surface should be cleaned with the right product and probably dried before you apply the favorite cream you always love. Ensure that it’s free from debris, dust, dirt and makeup among other impurities that contribute to making your cream ineffective. In fact, it’s a hassle to apply any product to a skin surface that’s full of stuff.

If you, however, make sure that the surface is clean, getting excellent results will be easy. Moreover, ensure that your hands are also clean. Unclean hands can contaminate the product and render it useless.

  • Stop Changing Your Cream Often

Once you choose a particular cream as your favorite, give it time to do its job well and stop changing often. You must have heard that there is nothing like overnight beauty or change of things. It’s about seriousness and adherence to the right procedures. Give your best cream time to work on your skin and when the right time comes, you’ll enjoy the results.

The only time you might think of changing your product is when your doctor advises or when you’ve experienced negative reactions from its use. Otherwise, take the time to choose wisely, give it time and with seriousness on your part, you’ll get the beautiful skin you want.

  • Adhere to the User Instructions

Skincare products come with user instructions or labels that help you apply them as required, so you get desired results without hassle. However, not everybody has the time to go through them carefully before starting to use the product.

If you want to avoid mistakes, take the time to read the instructions carefully, without hurry. They matter a lot and determine the results you’ll get. The amounts recommended are very vital and any over or under application can lead to adverse effects that might make you suffer serious problems later. If you want your favorite cream to do its work well, use it as prescribed.

Put the above tips to use and you’ll never suffer skin problems or fail to get the results you want. With the right amounts and correct application, you can even get rid of that oil slick on your face!

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Want To Feel Younger? Follow These Effective Anti-Aging Tactics

anti aging

No one enjoys hearing that they look old or have developed lines on their face. We all wish to live many years and look energetic. However, the truth is that we’ll one day be old and whether we like it or not, aging is a must. The good thing is that we can delay the time, so we look amazing and young for many years. The secret is to start early and be prepared to do whatever it takes for you to remain vibrant. Anti-aging is a wide topic, and everyone has something to say regarding it. According to experts, the following tactics are effective and you should try.

Eating Healthy

Your diet has a role to play in how you look and do your work. Youthfulness is not luck or uncontrollable. It depends on what you eat and do on a daily basis. If you stick to taking a balanced diet and exercising, you’ll be vibrant for many years. On the contrary, poor choice of diet is the cause of all the problems, you go through and premature aging. Watch what you consume and adhere to a good plan. If you do not know what you need, always seek help from experts.

Fruits, vegetables and a lot of water make a difference, and you need to major on them every day. There is not limit as to amount you can take on these three unlike others like carbohydrates and fats that are limited. If you stick to a proper diet plan, aging won’t be an issue to you. That’s the first secret, and everyone needs to be serious in this to avoid issues. Healthy living starts with healthy eating.

Being Interested and Enthusiastic About Anti-Aging

We all claim to be busy going about our daily chores/tasks and have little or no time for topics such as anti-aging. If you want years of radiance and activity, spend a few minutes each day to plan your life, so you remain healthy and productive. Let it not be boring or ignited by the fact that your face is beginning to wrinkle. Never wait until your skin starts sagging, so you act. Start now and enjoy it every day by adding a few tactics that will make everything working. Let your mind be open and ready to accept new ideas from others.

Groom like a Young Person

If you want to look young, your hairstyle, wardrobe and skin care products should also look young. Grooming is very vital, and you should always be serious when it comes to this area. Get powerful products, good-looking clothes and let your life be vibrant.

You must have heard the adage that says if you want to be one, you must look like one. Exercise and participate actively in activities that will make you enjoy healthy living and vibrant life. If you’re a man that rocks his beard, learn how to groom it appropriately.

If you do all of this you will not be wrinkled or made to look old before it’s time. Apply from now going forth and life will be awesome for you. We should live happily and enjoy vibrancy for as many years as possible.


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2016 Hair Style Trends To End The Year!

wonderful wavy hair

From sleek and straight to rainbow hued, hair styling trends have undergone some major transformations in the past couple of years. 2016 has brought a new frenzy of styling hair in classic fashion, with a contemporary touch.  Follow through this post to learn all about trending hair styles in 2016.

1.     The Beautiful Bob

The asymmetric bob style is making rounds this year. The stylish hair style is easy to manage, contemporaneously gorgeous and a perfect choice for the upcoming summer season. The short length makes the hair style manageable while the asymmetric cut adds more depth and detail to the style.

2.     A Simple Sleek Pony

2016 has been dubbed the year of au naturel. As things move towards the minimalist, natural trends, so does the hair styling. A sleek and stylish ponytail especially comes in handy when you do not have enough time to indulge in a lengthy hair styling routine. It will not only save you a lot of time and but the simplicity and sweetness of the style will literally make you a star. You can wear this hair style to your work place and rock it like a pro.

3.     Wonderful Waves

The gorgeous beauties with straight hair can opt for stylishly done loose curls. The style is simple, does not take much time and, above all, gives your hair an alluring, pretty look. If you find the curling procedure too overwhelming for workdays, make a loose ponytail out of your hair and curl by dividing them into smaller sections. This will merely take five minutes or so and voila, you will be all set to rock your flirty wavy hairstyle.

wonderful wavy hair

Tip: You can even use you straightening iron to curl your mane. Divide your hair into sections and just fold these sections over the hot straightener. Leave it for a while to get the perfectly done wavy hair that you’ve always wished for. Also be sure to keep it away from the front of your face as that will put excess oil on your skin.

4.     Romantic Braids

If you know how to do a French braid, employ that knowledge so as to up your hair styling game this year. Tie the hair at front into a French knot then turn it into a side braid. If you are heading out to a formal function, simply spin the braid into a bun in order to pull off a detailed look. You can also use floral pins or pearls to add extra shimmer and glow to your style. Besides being elegant and graceful, the French braid turned bun style is absolutely comfortable to carry, giving you a chance to enjoy your day with ease and comfort.

5.     A Classic Chignon

An absolute easy, fuss-free way of styling your hair for black-tie events is to opt for a casual Chignon. We would suggest you to go for some hair-coloring chalks to add depth to your styling. In addition, a little time investment in the latest strobing trends, pastels or chocolate chip cookie style will help you look amazingly pretty and exquisite.

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2016 Jewelry Trends: The Staple Of Fashion

jewelry pieces

jewelry piecesJewelry is the fashion staple which adds the final touch to every look. A beautiful piece of jewelry is like that cherry on the top. It can give new life to your style, and go very well with proper strobing.

Jewelry trends have been rapidly changing in 2016 which makes it difficult to keep pace with them. But you do not have to worry as we present you the most popular jewelry trends of ’16 from the ramps of the latest fashion shows. These trends will surely make you shine.

  • Studs and Earring Jackets: The simpler, the better. Studs are trendy jewelry items that have always been in fashion. They look simple yet divine. Similarly, earring jackets give a classy look to your ears. Both of these fashionable jewelry pieces are in style and can be worn to both formal and informal occasions. No matter where you wear them, they will look absolutely marvelous.
  • Midi rings: Midi rings are the perfect choice if you want to look unique. Moreover, these rings look really cool yet funky when two sets of Midi rings are worn on the same finger. Midi rings can define your whole look. In addition, midi rings look best when worn with neutral nails.
  • Chokers: There is no doubt in saying that chokers are a must have this year. These chic necklaces are designed uniquely so that you can rock the look. In fact, chokers can give you a more sophisticated and elegant look as well. Anyone wearing chokers is always the center of attention at any event.
  • Oversize Earrings: The ramp models have been witnessed wearing oversized earrings at every fashion show this year. No doubt, oversize earrings quickly grab attention. Every fashion and jewelry lover must have one of these. These earrings show case your great fashion taste.
  • Arm Cuffs: Decorated with pearls, diamonds or stones, arm cuffs can be found in the jewelry box of every statement earingsjewelry lover. You can put them on when leaving for office or even on a hangout with friends. This beautiful piece of jewelry can give you an elegant look.
  • Statement Earrings: There is nothing like a nice pair of statement earrings. Available in a variety of colors, designs and styles statement earrings can give your look a luxurious touch. Quite a few famous actresses have been spotted wearing statement earrings at the Oscars and many other award shows.
  • Palm Cuffs: Made up of shining stones and diamonds, palm cuffs are a new jewelry trend that was seen on the ramps of latest fashion weeks. Though palm cuffs are mostly simple but they never fail to add a fancy touch to your look.
  • Anklets: For a more traditional look, you can wear anklets that will make you look truly stunning. It cannot be denied that anklets are a piece of jewelry that has been in fashion for years. But it is also important to remember that anklets should be worn only with traditional dresses. Anklets are a piece of jewelry that completes your jewelry box.

We cannot deny the fact that a jewelry lover can never have enough jewelry, but with this guide you can know about the top jewelry trends from award shows, red carpets and the ramps of the fashion shows. This trend is constantly changing and there are new styles and ways of wearing jewelry every year, so we will try to keep this post updated each time something drastic comes around!

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Beard Grooming – The Right Way To Go About It


Whether you are a heavy beard grower, or one who can only churn out some stubble, you still need to groom your facial hair daily and actively. If you don’t, you can be left with some unkempt and unattractive facial hair that will chase all your potential female prospects away. Beards have been steadily becoming a staple among the male grooming world, so proper care is something that is vital to stay ahead of the game. Let’s go through some critical techniques to keep that beard trimmed well, or managed if it is long enough to warrant that maintenance.

Start With The Right Shaving Gear

You can’t grow a plant without fertilizer, so the same goes for your beard. You need the right equipment to help you track your progress and allow you to groom it to an even and proper length. What you first should get no matter what the size or type of beard you have is a trimmer. Don’t just rush to the store and get any old product though. You need to do some research and pick out the best beard trimmer of the bunch and one that will work on your beard size and style. There are some trimmers that have very long length settings, and others that have very short ones. Therefore, you need to determine which one is perfect for you so that you don’t grab one that can’t cut the hairs because it the guide combs are not short enough.

Aside from that, you also should get a beard oil to lather that mane up and keep it from itching and bothering your everyday life. It is pretty crucial to own a beard oil, and we wouldn’t advise against it. You will see a drastic difference to the health and the durability of your beard after you start using one for about a month or so. Now you have the gear that fits your requirements, whats next?

Set Up A Scheduled Routine To Trim And Oil Your Beard

Sit down for a minute and think about your daily schedule. Do you work in the morning? Do you have the night shift? How long since you wake up till you have to leave the house? Answer these questions for yourself, and find a 10-15 minute period in between where you can dedicate to just trimming and oiling your beard. A healthy and alluring beard requires dedication, and if you start slacking the results will be very evident to others and to yourself. Don’t be that guy with that ugly, patchy beard because no one wants to get near them.

After you have your schedule setup, the rest is up to you. You can lookup some youtube videos if you are unsure of how to trim your beard, or you can just start practicing yourself and get better over time. One thing to note is that you should definitely keep track of your neck line and cheek line, because they are both important in terms of being well kept. The neck line is easier to determine, and you should measure half your thumb’s length from the bottom of your chin to your neck, and shave the rest off with a safety razor.
Look at the reviews, grab yourself a trimmer and if you need also a safety razor, and then you are good to go for the ultimate grooming experience. Take it day by day, and don’t get frustrated if you are struggling, just look to Youtube for help! Nothing beats a tutorial shown to you. Happy Grooming my bearded friends around the world!


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