Casual Style Mistakes That Every Man Should Avoid


Do you feel your casual style is not creating the real version of the kind of person you are? You just want to look good and not too flashy, but it’s difficult? Well, you are probably making some mistakes, and you need to stop.

Most style advice and tips usually highlight the things you do but nothing much when it comes to the areas you should avoid or stop completely. Fortunately, you have landed home.

We have identified the most common mistakes you should keep off as a man. If you keep these things in mind, you can still look sharp even outside your tie and suit. Here we go:

 Wearing Baggy Jeans

While jeans are great and vital when it comes to casual looks, wearing baggy ones is not good. In fact, that’s the greatest mistake that many people make. Just imagine how it feels and looks to keep pulling up your jean every two seconds. A proper jean should keep itself up without a belt.

If that’s not what your jean is doing, then you need to avoid it by all means. That’s a baggy one and a great casual mistake you are making.

Make sure your jeans fit well.

If you get the right jeans that fit you well and combine them with your T-shirts, you can rest assured that your casual style will be a nice one.

Dressing like a Boy

You are a man and not a boy! Even when you want your casual style to look youthful, be sure to dress in a way that makes you look mature. After all, maturity is what separates you from boys.

But what’s wrong with looking like a boy?

Well, that’s the impression you’ll create on people, and they are likely to treat you just like a schoolboy. If you want to avoid that, show that you are mature and by dressing maturely. Maturity commands respect and shows masculinity.

That’s what you need as a man and not anything less than that. However, that does not mean that you dress like an old man. No, there’s a big difference. Just create an impression of maturity, and you’ll be okay.

Wearing Dirty, Beat-up Footwear

If you want to enjoy getting compliments from women, then make sure that you have the right shoes. What many men do not know is the fact that wearing some dirty shoes ruins an otherwise nice outfit.

Do you want to improve your casual style? Wear something that’s a little bit more dignified. Brown leather loafers are the best when it comes to a smart casual style.

As you spend on those great jeans and t-shirts, make sure you are also sparing a few dollars for shoes.

Wearing a Jacket that Breaks Your Casual Look

Jackets can either make or break your casual look. If you pick the best, then you can rest assured that your casual style will be the best. On the other hand, picking any jacket thinking that it won’t affect you is a mistake and you might be shocked. In most cases, a well-fitting blazer smartens a casual look.

Give it a try, and you’ll see the difference. For men, jackets can be tricky if you do not know the art of selecting and matching them well.

You now know where you’ve been getting things wrong when it comes to a casual style. If you keep off all the above mistakes and many others that you’ve been making, then you are no doubt going to upgrade your style.

Style is simply about knowing the right way to do it and avoiding the mistakes that tend to make us look the opposite of what we are actually going for.