Everyday Habits that Can Backfire On Your Skin


You might be thinking that you are doing the right thing when it comes to skin routine but the fact is that some activities can backfire and damage your skin if you are not careful. Keeping your skin healthy isn’t an easy task, and you should always ensure that whatever you do is correct for your skin type and not skin-damaging. 

Some habits are okay while others can be slowly eating away your skin without your knowledge. Explained below are some habits that can backfire, and lead to severe skin damage.

1. Excess Workouts and Being a Gym Rat

Are you the type of person that goes to the gym more than five times a week and constantly on workout? While it is healthy to work out, what you do not know is that your excess love for the gym can damage your skin. Exercising and going to the gym are thorough activities and you’ll definitely sweat, implying that you have to shower often to wash off the sweat. With that, and especially when done too often, you’ll soon have clogged pores and acne. Therefore, moderate your workout timetable, so you keep your skin healthy.

2. Change in Dieting Habit

A dramatic change in diet can be healthy but if you are not careful to consider the effects it might have on your skin, then your effort to diversify your food might backfire on your skin. Therefore, when you plan to change your diet, make sure you see a nutritionist and get advice on what is okay for your skin. Avoid switching too often, and without doing your homework first.

3. Too Much Use of Hand Sanitizer

It is a common habit for people especially during a flu season to stock up hand sanitizers as a precautionary measure for preventing infection. However, while it can help you keep infection at bay, it can backfire on your skin and cause dryness & irritation. Therefore, as much as it is good to have your hand sanitizer, it is good to use it in moderation and considering the effects it might have on your otherwise healthy looking skin. 

4. Talking On Phone

Making calls to friends and family members is good when it comes to keeping close to each other and sharing but did you know that it can backfire on your skin?  Your phone touches many surfaces and is easy to become a breeding ground for bacteria. So when you use it and it touches your face, the chances are that you’ll transfer bacteria to your face, and your skin might break-out and get infected. 

5. Exfoliating Too Much

Routine Facials and exfoliating can be good but if you overdo them, they will definitely backfire on your skin. It is, therefore, recommended that you do it in moderation, and with the advice of your dermatologist. Facials and exfoliation are good but when carried out purposefully with the help of a skin specialist.  So talk to your specialist and always seek their help before you do it. The type of soap you use when you exfoliate can also be a simple way to change the way you cleanse your face. There are vegan options for soaps to help get your skin looking healthy and bright. 

6. Avoid Common Shaving Mistakes

You might be stuck in the routine of shaving improperly. The next time you go to shave, be sure to notice little things that may have a bigger impact on your skin than you realize. Always rinse your blade properly to avoid skin infections. For men, if you are deciding to do a “dry” shave, be sure you are using the best electric shaver for dry use. Not all electric shavers will do the same job at keeping your skin protected from damage.