There are many people who are identified by their dress or the shoes they wear. However you would have met only a select few who, with their choice of their perfume,manage to create an aura which allures others and immediately sets them apart from others.

The fragrance you wear is in fact your Identity card to every one you mingle with. The signature perfumes become an essence of one’s personality and whenever you smell that fragrance in particular, you recall that person. Whether it’s your mother who smelled like chocolate and coffee, your spouse who smelled in the latest exotic launch of Ralph Lauren or your teacher who smelled authentic French, fragrances count!!

Unlike women who have a drawer full of beautification brands, men have very limited choices for enhancement of their personality. Fragrance is one of them. Narrowing down choices for the selection of a signature fragrance for “HIM” is a tricky job. You want the pick the one that best suits your preference and taste while reflecting your own individual personality as well.

Sniffing a right choice out of many options isn’t a rocket science though. What you need to do is to have a grip on the “ABC” of the perfume world.

Perfume Alternatives

To start off remember you need to make a wise selection from various alternatives like:

  • “Absolute” which is made from pure natural oils and extracts but is extremely expensive
  • “Eau de cologne” which is three to five percent oil in an alcohol and water mixture and is very refreshing and quite light.
  • “Eau de parfum” which has higher percentage of perfume oil in it and is more expensive than eau de toilette or Eau de cologne.
  • “Perfume” is also a good choice for those who like distinctive strong aromas.

The choices can be made for the specifications like leather, tobacco, mosses and musk too. Important aspect is to be aware of the scent family that you think suits you best.

Shopping for your Fragrance

With the right knowledge of perfumes, you also need to have an attitude to shop for the perfect complimenting fragrance for you. This requires an appropriate selection of shopping time like your senses will be more alert in the morning than at any other time of the day. In addition a proper sampling is a must. You can’t sniff just by spraying. Give it some time after spraying as construction of some fragrances is in layers. Spray some samples on your skin and check how you like them after couple of hours. Last but not the least, experience online deals as they give you testers with your purchase and can be returned conveniently if it doesn’t float your olfactory boat.

Your personality also plays a vital role in selecting the right choice of fragrance for you like if you are an all American guy you should select something that supports your handsome, playful attitude. Similarly if you are sophisticated and trendy, fresh and crisp are the choices for you.

Remember selecting perfumes is entirely your personal choice. What suits your best buddy might not work with your body chemistry. If you are equipped with the relevant knowledge, selection of your fragrance would not be a daunting task. Keep in mind “YOU ARE NEVER FULLY DRESSED WITHOUT PERFUME”

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